Whether you call them Rosters, Rotas, or Schedules, Rostermatic.com is the best way to build and distribute staff working schedules.

Anyone with a connection to the internet can use Rostermatic. Workplaces currently enjoying the benefits of this powerful software range in size from 5 to 100+ staff.



Designed for...

Medical Centres
Concert Venues

Call Centres

Fire Stations
Rescue Services

Create Your Own Roster

It's easy to build your own online roster. Click here to create yours, complete with sample data for you to explore and modify.


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Key Features
Electronic Time and Attendance

Accessibility... Immediacy... Interactivity... Versatility

 Accessibility - You and your staff always have the very latest schedule to hand, viewable on the Internet. If staff need a hard copy printed version, a 'fridge-door friendly' calendar showing their own shifts can be printed. Roster administrators can control the roster from home, or wherever they have access to the Internet.

 Immediacy - When the roster is changed, those details are immediately available to anyone viewing the roster online. The broadcast module will suggest which staff are affected by the changes and mark them for rebroadcasting, by email or SMS text message.

 Interactivity - This is the part that really makes the program fly. Users can request holidays (for salaried staff), update availability (in the case of contractors and casual staff), modify their details and preferences, and participate in your roster's online message board.

 Versatility - Rostermatic works for many different types of workplace. Striving to meet the needs of our clients has led to user-customisable features... and that means it's a better fit for the way you work.

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Rostermatic's parent, ASP, builds easy to use, low cost, electronic Time and Attendance systems. Find out all the details here.

PC to Mobile Messaging

Broadcast your staff's work schedules direct to their mobile phones. Send text messages to your staff directly from the website. (read more...)


Case Studies

How Rostermatic helps our customers.

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Trial and Subscription Versions

Take a tour of sample screen shots... or take the plunge and create a trial roster of your own.

 Trial Version

    Try the subscription version free of charge, and without obligation, for 30 days. Set it up yourself or contact us for free advice on how to get up and running.

 Subscription version

    This gives access to every feature of the core program. Billed monthly based on current number of staff. A one-month no-obligation trial is available. (Read more...)

 Time Management version

    Adds the time management features to the subscription program, enabling the creation and management of staffing levels down to minute detail. Designed for call centres and similar.

 Corporate version

    We welcome enquiries from organisations who are interested in running this software on their own domain and hardware (read more...)


It's easy to build an online roster. Click here to create yours now.

Web-based rostering and staff communications
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