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Wolverhampton Civic Halls


The City of Wolverhampton's Civic Halls consists of three concert halls and other event spaces. Every week it plays host to some of the most popular bands and singers from the UK and the world. Weekends feature the very popular club nights.

Since early 2004 they have used theRota's online rostering solution to manage 100+ staff. Paul Twynham, the Commercial Manager, answers some questions:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Why did you choose theRota as your staff rostering solution?

PT: The free trial gave us time to fully evaluate the product. It had some key features we were looking for, like SMS messaging. The support, in getting us up and running, was superb.

How does using theRota help your organisation?

PT: Quite simply it saves us time and resources. We can share information and involve the staff in the rota process.

What would you say is the single biggest benefit of using theRota?

PT: Our rota information can be accessed and used by any staff member anywhere in the world.

What are your favourite and most-used features?

PT: Broadcasting of rotas. Our staff receive their upcoming rotas by email and SMS text message. The nature of our business means rotas vary with the events we host, and involve casuals, part-time staff and contractors. Broadcasting means they are more likely to turn up for shifts!



One of theRota's defining features is that staff  can interact with the rota by means of their own logins. How do they get along with theRota?  Do they like it?

PT: All comments from staff have been positive, we have had very few problems.


How would you like to see theRota develop in the future?  What improvements and enhancements should we make?

PT: Over the 18 months we have been involved with theRota company we have seen a sensational development of ideas. The system seems almost complete, although there are still things we'd like to see developed.

The web-based approach works, and we could envisage having a complete business system (accounts, sales, stock control, customer invoicing, finance control) based on the same principals.

In light of your experience using theRota, would you recommend it to other similar organisations?

PT: Definitely, without hesitation.


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