Corporate Information

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in running this application.


As the application grows in popularity an opportunity exists for hosting this application on a country-specific basis. This will allow us to develop for local requirements, such as text messaging, content management and billing.

To adequately reach the thousands of potential users needs dedicated and localized marketing and support. Startup costs are relatively low as there is no capital expenditure but a commitment to marketing by means of direct mailing, trade advertising and promotional work is essential.


This application is built on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 technologies. If your company runs a wide area network (WAN) it is highly likely that it could host a version of theRota. Custom programming can be undertaken to help meet your corporate needs.

Development Projects

We are available for work and consultancy on internet projects of all kinds. If you have an idea for the Next Big Thing on the internet, then maybe we can help turn that idea into reality.



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