Rolling Patterns

Work as far into the future as you wish. Personnel can have Individual shift patterns of any length or can be part of a team rotation. Applying them to the roster  is a simple as clicking a button.

Team Rotations

Any length of team rotations are also supported. Create a template rotation and slot the staff into positions.

NEW! Try our staffing calculator. A very handy online 'ready-reckoner' enabling you to project how many staff you will need in your rotation, taking into account working hours, holiday allowance, training and sick days. Will you be paying overtime, or paying for unnecessary staff? Try it here.

Weekly Templates

Create a template for a week (in fact any number of weeks) and apply it to the future calendar with single click.

Multiple Locations
A must-have feature if your staff are moved between branches. You can define an unlimited number of locations and determine for each person their primary location and any permitted alternatives.

Multiple Job Titles
You can define an unlimited number of job titles and determine for each person which of them is the primary one and which are possible alternatives.

Multiple Shift Names

You can define an unlimited number of shifts and determine for each person which of them is the primary one and which are possible alternatives.

Each shift can specify how many normal and premium hours it contains. (Useful for provide payroll infomation.)


Staff can request time off online. They can also see how many days they are allowed in the current year and the actual dates of those taken and booked.

The administrator can review each request alongside the staffing levels for that date period. The administrator can then accept or decline the request. The website takes care of the rest, updating the calendar, notifying the staff etc.

Broadcasting Rosters

rostermatic.com keeps track of the date up to which the roster has been 'broadcasted'. The administrator can also work with a 'Settled Date'. This is the date up to which the roster -in-progress is being worked on and would become the next broadcast date when the information is ready. If a broadcasted roster is changed the program prompts for emails and messages to be sent to the affected staff.


From computer to mobile phone

Personalised roster  information can be broadcasted to all staff. If they have their mobile phone then they have all their shift details stored in a text message.

Try it out now. For a sample automated message, select your country and enter your mobile phone number:


(Note: Any delay in receiving the message is caused by general phone network traffic, not this website. Rest assured, your number will not be stored after the message is sent.)

Calendar Display

The main page shows a calendar in a recognizable format. Depending on the user's access level this will show the whole organization, his location or simply his own details. Designed for fridge-door-friendly printouts.

See the Calendar in Samples.

Chart Display

This four-week display is an alternative to the calendar display. More coded and compact, it provides another easy way to view and work on the roster.

Easy-to-use sort and display options further enhance its clear display.

See the Chart in Samples

Weekly Display

More detailed that the Calendar and the chart it allows direct editing of the shift assignments as well as allowing the users to fill assignments based on minimum levels.

See the Weekly Display in Samples

Notice Board

A simple notice board is available to help your staff communicate better and, perhaps, to have some fun.

See the Notice Board demonstrated in Samples

Roster Creation Standard Free
Staff unlimited  max 25
Job Titles
Shift Names
Printable Calendars and Charts, customised for each user
Template Patterns
Rotating Team Patterns
Personal Patterns
Tracking and Analysis
Staff Hours reporting
Holiday/Vacation tracking
Roster fulfilment analysis
Broadcast by Email
Broadcast by SMS (charged per message)
Computer to SMS/mobile (charged per message) charged per message
Data storage and Backups

Backups can be restored by your adminstrator.

Working history available 1 year 6 months
Export data to accounts
User Facilities

Staff can log in to view & print calendars, request days off, use the noticeboard, swap shifts etc.

1 user login
Shift Swapping
Request Days off
Notice Board
Contact List
Subscribers receive unlimited email and phone support
Access to our database of shift patterns, and assistance in creating new ones.

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