Subscriptions are billed on a per-person-per-month basis. Invoices are raised on the 1st of the month, based on the staff on file and the version being used.
Per person per month * Applies to

Standard Version

GBP£ 3.00

UK and €urozone countries, all facilities except...


Time Management Version

GBP£ 4.50 Functions to set shifts with break times at 5 minute intervals. Designed for call centres and similar workplaces.
Australia and New Zealand? Please use our Australian server at:

Payment Methods
Method Terms
Cheque on Invoice 30 days, UK cheques only 
BACS / Bank Transfer 30 days
Credit card, online via Paypal 30 days

SMS Tokens
Applicable only if you wish to use mobile phone messaging. A quantity of 'tokens' is purchased in advance and placed in the rota's account.
Location Tokens per message 100 SMS tokens *
UK, USA, Europe, Australia etc except... 1

GBP£ 22.00 

Spain, Portugal, Italy 1.5
* Other quantities of SMS tokens can be purchased at varying prices.

Terms of Contract

Subscribers may cancel their service at any time. If a rota is not being used and an invoice remains unpaid for a month we will assume cancellation and suspend the service.

NOTE: We do not use any automatic collection systems, nor do we hold your bank or credit card details.

Uptime and Backups
TheRota web service is hosted in a secure state-of-the-art data centre in the UK. We recognize that a high level of reliability for the web site is paramount. Backups are done daily. Whilst down-time is minimal, and well within industry norms, your access to the site can be affected by other internet related events beyond our control.

Restoring Backups
Premium users can restore calendar backups. Usually the previous 3 logins are available.

Duration of Data Storage

To ensure that the database runs at a high speed, shift details are deleted after 6 months (with the exception of holidays and sickness.)

We recommend that you save or print the rotas daily!

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