Displaying... has various ways to view the roster

1. Daily Graph - A clear representation of all working staff.

  • Lines can be edited via a popup window to quickly reallocate somebody.
  • The display can be filtered and reordered for even clearer representations.



Calendar View - Designed in a traditional calendar format. Holds text for your diary dates as well as showing the shift details for staff. 'Fridge door friendly' printouts can be made from here.

  • Filter the calendar by name, job, location and shift.
  • Always fills to the maximum window size and has resizable fonts.
  • When other staff view this page, they only see what they are authorised to see. 
  • A printable 'fridge door friendly' version can be made from here.


Chart View -See the working plan in a chart format for greater clarity and precision.

  • Edit by clicking on the required day.
  • Options for sorting by name, job or location.
  • Option to show level of detail in the grid.


Weekly View - View and edit the rota on a traditional weekly grid format.

  • Unfilled minimum levels show here, and can be directly assigned from a pop-up on this screen, showing the staff who are available to fulfill them.
  • Statistics such as working hours/days for the week are also shown.
  • Order the display by name, job or location.


Holiday Chart - A view of staff holidays for the next 14 months

  • Viewable by all staff. Clicking on a date links through to making a new request.
  • Filtering by location

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It's easy to build an online roster. Click here to create yours now.
The website will automatically create sample data. It's yours to play with and use as you wish.

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