The tools to help you make rosters

Working Parameters - Nothing is as simple as it seems, is it? Staff may have different shift times, different jobs, different locations and various skills. Additionally, some staff have days when they are not available for any work. The Working Parameters page is where these details are stored. These settings interact with the manual and automatic rostering to reduce the risk of mis-allocation.



Minimum Levels - By setting up your minimum requirements for each job/location/shift combination for each day of the week you'll always be aware of shortages in your rosterplans.

  • Special day minimums. If preparing for a special event, one that requires an irregular amount of staff, you can set this up in advance and allocate staff to that day at a later point.
  • The 'volunteer' function in the staff menu enables staff to roster themselves into these positions, subject to security levels and working parameters.
  • Roster by minimums - The weekly view enables you to make rosters by filling the vacant shifts with qualified and available staff.


Broadcasting - Once the rota is made and finalized, you need a sure-fire way of ensuring that the staff get the details as soon as possible.

  • Email broadcast. Each person with an email address receives a personalised email detailing their upcoming shifts.
  • SMS to mobile. Along with the email, staff can receive a brief view of the rota direct to their mobile phone.
  • Print and post. Rotas broadcasted to staff without an email address will be redirected to the broadcaster. These are headed with postal addresses ready to put in the mail.

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It's easy to build an online rota. Click here to create yours now.
The website will automatically create sample data. It's yours to play with and use as you wish.

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