Involving your staff...   

An integral part of Rostermatic 's design is that all staff can view their own rosters, without other details being available to them. And once logged in, they can view and participate on the notice board, request holidays, update availability, update contact details, and initiate shift swaps with other staff (depending on your settings!)

Viewing their own rosters - The same calendar display but without the administrator's option. Four different user levels determine what staff can see in their calendar.


Notice Board - An easy to use notice board, to which all staff can contribute and add new topics.


Requesting holidays - Staff can see how many holidays they have due and make online requests.


Swapping Shifts - Subject to your settings, the staff can swap a shift with somebody else who meets the correct criteria. The website will send a request email to the swapper, giving options of accepting or rejecting the shift.


Volunteering - Subject to your settings, the staff can volunteer for vacant shifts. Great for homeworkers, casuals and the voluntary sector.



It's easy to build an online roster. Click here to create yours now.
The website will automatically create sample data. It's yours to play with and use as you wish.

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